Friday, January 16, 2015

Some Places from which to Launch an Inquiry

While I do want you students to take control of our discussion, I was not happy with my own role in yesterday's conversation.  There was too much looking to find what we should be doing.  So a day later it occurred to me that I've already got in the can a lot of stuff that might help you to begin to pose your own questions.

One of those is a reading list I made several years ago when I thought I'd be teaching a class on leadership.  (That never materialized.)  There are books and essays on the reading list and I thought some of the essays we might consider and maybe even discuss one or two of the books.  So I went in hunt of that list.

I surprised myself by finding this essay - meant for publishing on my blog but which never made it there.  I don't remember why I didn't publish it then.

     How can we encourage students to be more creative about their own learning?

I wrote this sometime after teaching the 2013 version of Econ of Organizations.  You might consider that essay as my motivation for the discussion group, with some further ideas about what needs to be done to realize the goals on creativity.  Incidentally, many of the links in that essay are to works on the reading list.

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